[PRE-ORDER] Bundle O' Merch

75 USD / In stock.
For your physical item needs!
This set includes
5 heart buttons, 5 charms, and a set of 5 Alchemy (Secretly Regis) buttons. 

You get to choose which charms you'd like and A or B of the Regis glove designs. 

During checkout, write a note in this format
[HEART BUTTONS] (you may either write 'SET' i.e. one of each design, or list out the numbers of each character; for example "3 dandelion 2 geralt"),
[CHARMS] (list 5 charms and styles; example "Heart Ciri", "Polaroid Geralt", etc.)
[REGIS BUTTONS] (A or B for your choice on the glove color. The rest of the set may not be altered)"

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