The Horror's Daughter 2

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An 11x17" spread. Art is 16.25x8.25"

The Horror's Daughter is a book whose concept I began exploring in 2018. Taddy is the 4 year old daughter of a trans fisherman and a sea monster. As they've started to develop, Taddy's mother finally agrees to teach her how to control her sea monster abilities. She becomes hyperfixated on this magic to the exclusion of all else, neglecting her relationship with her human father. Will she realize the effects of her actions?
Note: My book for 2018 will likely be The Fabric Merchant's Son, with The Horror's Daughter projected to be done this fall, with edits next year. Enjoy the images in the meantime!
This is the scene in which Taddy's mother asks her father about his increased reclusive behavior, with Taddy eavesdropping. 

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